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  • Turnover box assessment indicators at this stage of development

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    The current situation is not complete, Turnover box at this stage do not have the ability to assess, but can be expected in the future this indicator will be included in the assessment and will have the appropriate assessment capabilities, can be used as a reserve indicator, not yet considered.

    Turnover box manufacturer application purpose is to scientifically evaluate the operation of materials, and to guide the direction of the process to improve. Therefore, in the application of development, the process should be combined to improve the two together, to improve performance evaluation to improve the process to improve the supply chain to improve performance. The interaction between the performance evaluation and the process improvement of the turnover box. The current situation evaluation is based on the index of the supply chain performance index, which is in accordance with the current status quo, and the results of the assessment are analyzed to find the indicators with poor performance. Further subdivided into the business layer, to find the problem of business processes, that is, to improve the point. After the improvement of the process, it is necessary to formulate specific process improvement measures for this improvement point. In the course of implementing the specific measures, it is necessary to carry out the evaluation of the process, monitor the implementation process and ensure the implementation of the measures. After the completion of the process improvement, the need for performance evaluation of the entire supply chain, compared with the previous evaluation results to test the process to improve the implementation of the results, and then according to the improved situation and then select the new indicators Assessment, repeated cycle of this process. Based on the turnover box to evaluate, the results found that customer complaints rate is relatively high, the supply chain reliability is low. Through the further analysis of the results of the evaluation of indicators, internal customer complaints mainly focus on the material supply time is relatively long, do not meet the site construction time, affecting the duration, and reliability in the supply chain response time is relatively long impact, can determine the main improvement The direction is to shorten the turnover box response time.

    The response time of the turnover box is composed of the time of tender purchase, the time of signing the contract and the time of logistics distribution. Through the comparison of the three time statistics and the conclusion of the contract with the same industry, it can determine whether the contract signing process needs to be improved. Shorten the contract signing process time.

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