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    Hollow board card

    Hollow board card Introduction

    Hollow board card is also called partition, with environmental protection, export products, high-end products, anti-static product selection. Hollow knife card using PP environment-friendly hollow plate production, then beer machine beer a desired shape, and then through a piece of manual assembly. Can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, bid farewell to the traditional paper board, hair removal, moisture and other issues, product turnover, perfect protection, collision, scraping the nemesis.

    Product description

    Hollow board card application:

    Cosmetics, mobile phones, electronic circuit boards, and acid and alkaline products packaging lining. Auto parts packaging, packaging of electronic products, packaging of household electrical appliances.

    Product category:

    Hollow plate knife, knife, knife, EVA material in anti-static EVA knife, ultrasonic knife box, nail line card connecting box, hot knife box.

    Product size:

    Any size, size, customized, customized.

    Product color:

    Black, blue, white, gray, red, green, purple, and also can be specified by customers

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