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  • Technological innovation to open up new markets is the development of hollow board industry

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    PP hollow board products not only has a beautiful features, but also has the characteristics of practical, in recent years has been widely adopted by enterprises, hollow board industry is also fast to saturation, the development of manufacturers and the scale are very rapid, more intense competition, For the entire hollow board sales market share is also weakening. To this end, the hollow board industry for future market and industry future planning, and to strengthen the hollow board manufacturing technology research and development efforts, and strive to improve the hollow board industry's independent innovation capability and scientific research. To the hollow board product structure and development of new areas of the industry as a shift in the development of the industry as a top priority. therefore. To maintain the growth in the hollow board industry market share, we must first through the hollow board industry in the industrial and agricultural markets, research and development of new products, adjust the hollow board product structure, increase technological innovation and adjust the market product development efforts. Improve the use of hollow industry in various sectors of the new product innovation efforts to enhance the hollow board industry, the overall strength of innovation and development, and strive to enhance enterprises in the hollow board industry in the competitive strength.


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